Karma….she’s a bitch

So maybe I should tell the tale of my latest affair, Alex.  She was totally not my type as far as being from my world of the scandalous and sex-filled connections.  I’ll have to write about our full relationship this week, but I have to talk about how karma is paying me back…I think.

So in a fit of emotion, pain, anger and jealousy, I text Alex last night.  I professed my love for her again and how I was basically tired of being married and the unfairness of why we could not be together.  We waited until the death throws of our 3+ month relationship to actually admit out loud to each other that we were in fact in love with each other, so this was nothing surprising for her to hear.  The things I said to her last night were in fact all true…but I was playing a dangerous game.

 Earlier that night, she said she was not feeling too hot and was probably going to stay home.  Well I was out and about (which is unusual for me on a Saturday night) alone at 10pm.  I was feeling frisky and thought I would at least look at the street walkers that frequent the main drag.  Maybe this time I’d get brave and get one.  I had not done that in a long time, not off the street anyways.   In doing so, I had to drive north and passed her favorite bar.  I was fairly sure I saw her car there, which honestly, would be no surprise.  Still though, it made me mad. So I fired off that long text. I was playing a bit of a game, even though all the words were sincere.  We agreed to be very close friends, provided we keep our emotions in check and try to move on.  I was probing with that text to see if maybe, just maybe, I could lure her back in to our affair.

I got no response, so I continued up the road…finding one streetwalker.  I noticed her stripper heels, honked which conveniently at a red light and motioned her in.  We pulled into a dark spot by an apartment, I gave her $80 for everything.  She gloved me up and started sucking.  She was ok looking, ok skilled.  I told her to loose the pants and crawled on top of her in the passenger seat.  Between being uncomfortable, paranoid cause of a few people walking further away and her being average looking at best, I couldn’t get it going.  She said she’d give me $20 back and we could call it good.  I agreed and dropped her off.  Tail between my legs, I turned around to go home.

However, a few blocks down the road, I saw a petite chick bending down on the sidewalk getting something out of her back.  It was lipstick and she was putting it on.  I pulled into the parking lot right beside her, parked and turned off the headlights.  She walked over and got in the car.  We exchanged pleasantries and I quickly found a dark parking lot.  She said $80 for everything (consistent, huh?) and I happily agreed.  I asked her to get in the back seat.  This time there were no mishaps.  She was pretty hot and I did her good.  She actually started getting into too, which is always an ego booster.  How do I know?  Well, that’s for another blog entry.  10 mintues later, we say good bye and I’m closing in on home.

I get home, the wife is still awake, but not for long.  We talk, watch a tiny bit of TV and she’s crashed for the night.  I lay in bed, like most nights, on my cell up to no good.  So I figure maybe Alex saw and rapidly deleted the text, so at 2:30am, I resend.  Now, I wake up late, check my cell and there is a text saying “text me when your awake”.

Oh man….what did I do this time.

*to be continued


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