Karma, part 2

So if you have not read part 1, click to the right for that so you can catch up….


Now, here’s the rest.  So I woke up to that text.  It did not sound good to me, especially after months of “good morning!”s.   I basically got a bit of the third degree from Alex about the things I said.  She contemplated just cutting off texting with me after that.  It’s really not what I want AT ALL.  I still have it pretty bad for her and don’t want to cut off talking, even though it’s terribly painful.  So I don’t know why, maybe revenge, maybe to try to help me move along and get over her, but she fessed up to me she had gone out with this new guy 10+ times and there was a connection.  Ouch.  I asked her about what she did Saturday night when I thought I saw her car at the bar.  She told me she couldn’t have been further away.  Was having a bed picnic and playing an Xbox game with the new guy.  Double ouch.

Well we patched things up on a friend level this week since that talk.  I’m pretty sure I’ll never get her back unless something drastic happens.  She even said if I had left my wife that she would always know its cause of her and could never be with me feeling like that.  So basically I would have had to become single due to something else or she gets screwed over or is single and runs back.  Who knows.  It’s painful to think about things and keeping your hopes up even a little bit.

So why did I say karma’s a bitch?  It’s not really cause of my sneaking behind my wife’s back with her.  It’s a little bit because all I wanted was for her to be another fuck.  Just another number on my Excel spreadsheet.  A regular, sure, I like that.  But also it’s because I was fucking several others while I was dating Alex.  Ooops.  Maybe if I didn’t have a sex problem I could have made it work and conned her into staying with me.  Honestly, my game got fucked by Facebook.  She kept seeing things on my wall my wife posted and it was like a dagger in her heart.  BUt of course everything comes full circle.  Facebook is how we went from just classmates that never said more than hi to her sucking my cock and being one of the loves of my life.


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