I must be a masochist…

I must really love the pain.  Why am I still talking to this girl Alex?  I’m so hung up on her…

Good thing is I actually TRIPLE booked Monday with pussy, so that will definitely help.  First up is this one guys wife, Tamera, that’s cheating, even though they swing, that I fucked a couple of weeks ago.  I actually have her as third string (since I fucked her before, she’s taller and heavier than I like and is just ok).  Runner up is Ashton.  I fucked her too, but it was a quickie and it’s been a few months.  She reeks of sexiness and is down for anything.  Huge tits and is really hot.  Just a tad thick and is a stunner.  My main tail for Monday is a girl (I’m not sure I ever got her real name) from a swinger website I have been chatting up a month or two.  She’s tiny and petite but a freak of nature.  I’ll wear her out for sure.  She’s hot too, just in her early 40s.  Sadly, requires condoms and I don’t think she’ll pull the condom trick.  If I pull fucking her off, it’s gonna be a pretty cool score.

Wife’s on the rag, but I’ll fuck the shit outta her tomorrow regardless.  I prefer new pussy, but hey, I’m lucky.  Wife is tiny and super tight.

Hmmm, maybe this weekend I’ll publish my list of names and the rankings.


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