Stupid work

So I haven’t been able to write anything for about a week.  Work snuffed my sex life for a bit.  I was stuck just stroking off.  Yesterday was a different story.  I was on one of the big swinger sites and saw a newer member and chatted them up.  Luckily it was the lady online.  She liked my standard blurb I send all people.  I flat out said that we should fuck.  After about 30 mins, she arraigned things and was showering to come over.  I hopped in the shower, shaved my cock good and surprise, surprise, she showed up on time.

We went at it for a good 3 hours.  She’s 5-0, a bit of a belly, but super tight.  Lactating a tiny bit too cause she has a young kid.  In my almost 240 ladies I’ve fucked, I have never felt a woman cum like her and as hard as her.  Like near prolapse and death grip pulses on my cock.  I made her cum at least 30 times, prob more.  I filled her up 5 times.  She was very hot, a good tease and best of all, as kinky as me.  I might have found my new long term fuck buddy.

I will post another entry later tonight…it’s a poll.  I’m wondering if I should post pictures on here or not, of me and of fems I fuck.


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