Poll Time & I’m back!

I vanished for a bit..work got crazy. I’m inserting this poll (hope it works).  I want to know should I post pics of those I fuck?

So beyond the poll…Alex, the girl that has me all vomiting my personal life on here, has consistently texting me and me to her..and both us throwing mixed signals. It’s pretty ridiculous. All I can say is I feel like a 17 year old girl sometimes. I am actually convinced now though that we might actually end up fucking at least, if not slipping back into dating. One can hope, right?

In the mean time I have established a regualr rotation, but it’s not enough or what I want. Carrie, the no limits slut, met me and we fucked in my Jeep in broad daylight beside a store and then another time at the porn barn…that’s tomorrow’s blog post since it was GOOD!  Brenda is an older heavyer lady that is in love with my cock, so we hit each other up cause it’s just walk in and fuck. Tamara is in the mix too, but with her teaching now, she has less hours. There is the Blind Lady, who’s name I cannot remember or she never gave it to me, that fell and broke her leg, so she is out of commission for awhile.

Good news is I finally got a text from this one no limits hottie just a few days ago and we are going to try to meet to fuck again and maybe get some regular stuff going.  Her name is Melissa. She’s cheating on her swinger hubby and that of course makes both of us even more hot.

So vote in the poll everyone.


Stupid work

So I haven’t been able to write anything for about a week.  Work snuffed my sex life for a bit.  I was stuck just stroking off.  Yesterday was a different story.  I was on one of the big swinger sites and saw a newer member and chatted them up.  Luckily it was the lady online.  She liked my standard blurb I send all people.  I flat out said that we should fuck.  After about 30 mins, she arraigned things and was showering to come over.  I hopped in the shower, shaved my cock good and surprise, surprise, she showed up on time.

We went at it for a good 3 hours.  She’s 5-0, a bit of a belly, but super tight.  Lactating a tiny bit too cause she has a young kid.  In my almost 240 ladies I’ve fucked, I have never felt a woman cum like her and as hard as her.  Like near prolapse and death grip pulses on my cock.  I made her cum at least 30 times, prob more.  I filled her up 5 times.  She was very hot, a good tease and best of all, as kinky as me.  I might have found my new long term fuck buddy.

I will post another entry later tonight…it’s a poll.  I’m wondering if I should post pictures on here or not, of me and of fems I fuck.

Highs and lows

Yesterday was sort of an incredible day.  A really hot lady from a very popular swinger site that I have been talking up for a couple of months agreed to finally come over across the ferry and fuck.  I called in sick, left home in work clothes, changed in my truck and as soon as the wife left home to go to work, I picked her up at the dock.  It was actually really sketchy cause when I was gonna cross a certain road to get to the ferry my wife was actually driving down the crossing road!  I freaked out and backed the car up and laid across the center console real fast and then looped around and hid in a back corner of a parking lot in case she saw our very identifiable car and doubled back.  She doesn’t notice alot of things (including when our bed is damp cause a girl soaked thru the throw blanket I lay down on top), so I got lucky.

Anyways, I grabbed the girl and fucked her for a couple of hours.  Sadly, she kept the condom on, but she did do this erotic her-on-top sliding and teasing that rocked.  Very petite and tight, decent sex.  Am I a bad guy though?  When she needed a break, I got my fingers and pulled and ripped a tiny starter hole in the condom.  I’d done that before with a picky woman that was overly paranoid.  You fuck good and hard and then your cock just tears thru it, or you grab the base of the condom as your fucking, like your grabbing the base of your cock to control direct and by puling it a little tight, your cock will rip right through the hole.  If you really don’t give a shit about what she says or thinks, cum in her…but what I usually do and with this one it’s what I did, is I pull out and squirt on her (or act like your stroking in your condom real quick and squirt in your hand or something).  Scandalous?  Yeah, maybe…but honestly, I was starting to loose interest and a little of my hard on.

I finished and tok her to lunch and then was trying to slightly encourage her that it was ok if we ended an hour early.  All the while I text Tamera (the cheating swinger wife) if I could come over to her place for the first time and hot tub.  She text her hubby and got permission so I left straight from the ferry to 40 minutes away in the more farm-like area of West Washington.  Me and her are both scandalous, so we shared stories of recent exploits (she had just returned from a 2 week trip to England for a friend’s wedding) and then went up stairs and banged one out.

I got home at like 6:30pm, wife not due home till 9…so I cruise sites and stroke off one more time.  Good end to a good day.  Sadly, that was yesterday and today was nowhere near as fun.  Was basically a painful day

I must be a masochist…

I must really love the pain.  Why am I still talking to this girl Alex?  I’m so hung up on her…

Good thing is I actually TRIPLE booked Monday with pussy, so that will definitely help.  First up is this one guys wife, Tamera, that’s cheating, even though they swing, that I fucked a couple of weeks ago.  I actually have her as third string (since I fucked her before, she’s taller and heavier than I like and is just ok).  Runner up is Ashton.  I fucked her too, but it was a quickie and it’s been a few months.  She reeks of sexiness and is down for anything.  Huge tits and is really hot.  Just a tad thick and is a stunner.  My main tail for Monday is a girl (I’m not sure I ever got her real name) from a swinger website I have been chatting up a month or two.  She’s tiny and petite but a freak of nature.  I’ll wear her out for sure.  She’s hot too, just in her early 40s.  Sadly, requires condoms and I don’t think she’ll pull the condom trick.  If I pull fucking her off, it’s gonna be a pretty cool score.

Wife’s on the rag, but I’ll fuck the shit outta her tomorrow regardless.  I prefer new pussy, but hey, I’m lucky.  Wife is tiny and super tight.

Hmmm, maybe this weekend I’ll publish my list of names and the rankings.

To get over somebody, get under somebody

I think this mentality works for both genders.  To get over Alex, I really have been getting under some people!  The discovery of Tinder has been exciting.  It only took me a week on there to fuck my first lady on there.  She’s some “open relationship” married lady.  Whatever, I’m sure she’s a cheater, which is ok.  So am I.  Dead lay, complaining too much about health issues.  She pulled the condom trick though.  Wait, you don’t know the condom trick?

So I have the extremely nice asset of being vasectomy safe.  Guys, if you can pull off getting snipped, you have a major ace in the hole.  I cannot explain how big of an appeal it is.  In fact, I have told people before I am snipped and the next thing they say is “Here’s my address”.  It’s crazy.  And don’t be intimidated…it doesn’t hurt.  I know I’m a freak of nature, but I was snipped at 9am, in the car on the way home at 10:30am, icing all day and banging my ex-wife at 5pm.

So the condom trick as I call it is when women say, and they always say, “Oh I require condoms”.  It’s always babies, worried about catching something or whatever.  They are pretty insistent and really it’s probably a good idea.  I rarely fuck with one on and only once caught the clap or gonorrhea and that was a super sketchy situation and served me right to suffer for two weeks.  Anyways, the condom trick is when they say this and never go through with it, sometimes in scandalous ways, which end up being very sexy.  This girl was very insistent….until I had her laying down and was kissing and grinding on her and then she looked in my eyes and said, “You for sure your clean?” and grabbed my cock and pulled me in.

Some of the sexier moments of the condom trick have been swinging.  The husbands always say condom required, esp in my case cause my wife is fertile and is paranoid.  But once another wife after fooling around flipped over and slide back on me.  She knew I didn’t put one on…and I was making it very known when I was gonna cum and she just fucked me harder and made me cum in her.  I’ve had women, once their man starts playing with my wife or another, reach down and actually yank my condom off and make me keep fucking.  I’ve had a several whisper in my ear as I’m missionary, “cum in my pussy”.  It’s very hot!  It also adds to my theory about women being very scandalous.

Anyways, so one and done with her, then I found another Tinder girl. Sadly she was really cool and would have been a great friend, but I wasn’t too attracted to her.  We fucked twice and it was pretty fun cause she kept cumming over and over and also did the condom trick.  She was pissed when I told her I would not mind being her b/f but that I’m married too and we swing.  I thought she would take it better.  Oh well, she wasn’t that great.

A couple of day ago I finally sealed the deal with a cheating wife from Craigslist. Horrible lay, even though she was cute.  A BBW, which I don’t mind, but don’t be lame.  She also did the condom trick and I was hoping she wouldn’t want to come over again, but already hit me up for a date next week.  We’ll see.

So now I am up to 235 pieces of ass in my life.  I need to hit 250 by the end of the year.  My numbers are too low.

Karma, part 2

So if you have not read part 1, click to the right for that so you can catch up….


Now, here’s the rest.  So I woke up to that text.  It did not sound good to me, especially after months of “good morning!”s.   I basically got a bit of the third degree from Alex about the things I said.  She contemplated just cutting off texting with me after that.  It’s really not what I want AT ALL.  I still have it pretty bad for her and don’t want to cut off talking, even though it’s terribly painful.  So I don’t know why, maybe revenge, maybe to try to help me move along and get over her, but she fessed up to me she had gone out with this new guy 10+ times and there was a connection.  Ouch.  I asked her about what she did Saturday night when I thought I saw her car at the bar.  She told me she couldn’t have been further away.  Was having a bed picnic and playing an Xbox game with the new guy.  Double ouch.

Well we patched things up on a friend level this week since that talk.  I’m pretty sure I’ll never get her back unless something drastic happens.  She even said if I had left my wife that she would always know its cause of her and could never be with me feeling like that.  So basically I would have had to become single due to something else or she gets screwed over or is single and runs back.  Who knows.  It’s painful to think about things and keeping your hopes up even a little bit.

So why did I say karma’s a bitch?  It’s not really cause of my sneaking behind my wife’s back with her.  It’s a little bit because all I wanted was for her to be another fuck.  Just another number on my Excel spreadsheet.  A regular, sure, I like that.  But also it’s because I was fucking several others while I was dating Alex.  Ooops.  Maybe if I didn’t have a sex problem I could have made it work and conned her into staying with me.  Honestly, my game got fucked by Facebook.  She kept seeing things on my wall my wife posted and it was like a dagger in her heart.  BUt of course everything comes full circle.  Facebook is how we went from just classmates that never said more than hi to her sucking my cock and being one of the loves of my life.

Karma….she’s a bitch

So maybe I should tell the tale of my latest affair, Alex.  She was totally not my type as far as being from my world of the scandalous and sex-filled connections.  I’ll have to write about our full relationship this week, but I have to talk about how karma is paying me back…I think.

So in a fit of emotion, pain, anger and jealousy, I text Alex last night.  I professed my love for her again and how I was basically tired of being married and the unfairness of why we could not be together.  We waited until the death throws of our 3+ month relationship to actually admit out loud to each other that we were in fact in love with each other, so this was nothing surprising for her to hear.  The things I said to her last night were in fact all true…but I was playing a dangerous game.

 Earlier that night, she said she was not feeling too hot and was probably going to stay home.  Well I was out and about (which is unusual for me on a Saturday night) alone at 10pm.  I was feeling frisky and thought I would at least look at the street walkers that frequent the main drag.  Maybe this time I’d get brave and get one.  I had not done that in a long time, not off the street anyways.   In doing so, I had to drive north and passed her favorite bar.  I was fairly sure I saw her car there, which honestly, would be no surprise.  Still though, it made me mad. So I fired off that long text. I was playing a bit of a game, even though all the words were sincere.  We agreed to be very close friends, provided we keep our emotions in check and try to move on.  I was probing with that text to see if maybe, just maybe, I could lure her back in to our affair.

I got no response, so I continued up the road…finding one streetwalker.  I noticed her stripper heels, honked which conveniently at a red light and motioned her in.  We pulled into a dark spot by an apartment, I gave her $80 for everything.  She gloved me up and started sucking.  She was ok looking, ok skilled.  I told her to loose the pants and crawled on top of her in the passenger seat.  Between being uncomfortable, paranoid cause of a few people walking further away and her being average looking at best, I couldn’t get it going.  She said she’d give me $20 back and we could call it good.  I agreed and dropped her off.  Tail between my legs, I turned around to go home.

However, a few blocks down the road, I saw a petite chick bending down on the sidewalk getting something out of her back.  It was lipstick and she was putting it on.  I pulled into the parking lot right beside her, parked and turned off the headlights.  She walked over and got in the car.  We exchanged pleasantries and I quickly found a dark parking lot.  She said $80 for everything (consistent, huh?) and I happily agreed.  I asked her to get in the back seat.  This time there were no mishaps.  She was pretty hot and I did her good.  She actually started getting into too, which is always an ego booster.  How do I know?  Well, that’s for another blog entry.  10 mintues later, we say good bye and I’m closing in on home.

I get home, the wife is still awake, but not for long.  We talk, watch a tiny bit of TV and she’s crashed for the night.  I lay in bed, like most nights, on my cell up to no good.  So I figure maybe Alex saw and rapidly deleted the text, so at 2:30am, I resend.  Now, I wake up late, check my cell and there is a text saying “text me when your awake”.

Oh man….what did I do this time.

*to be continued

Why I am making this?

You probably don’t know me.  I’m just a regular guy, unassuming.  But then again, maybe you do.  I could be your neighbor, your co-worker, maybe even your husband.

Since we’ll never know if you really know me, I suppose I should give myself some sort of cover name.  John, Gary….Marc?  Something tacky like X?  Let’s just settle on H for now.

I set here late at night, on my computer up to no good, as usual, except this time is different.  I actually set here brokenhearted.  See, I disobeyed a cardinal rule of my life and fell in love.  It was marvelous and I don’t regret a minute of it, but of course it bit me in the ass.  So as I set here trolling the internet for hookups and porn, I am thinking about all my past exploits and adventures and realized I have had way more than my fair share of fun.  I guess I figured it was time to talk about some of these things, since the great bulk of my life has been a secret.

Maybe people will find this entertaining or as a cautionary tale or perhaps no one will even see it.  I’m really writing it for me, so it will continue regardless.  But if you are reading this…I’ll post often.