Poll Time & I’m back!

I vanished for a bit..work got crazy. I’m inserting this poll (hope it works).  I want to know should I post pics of those I fuck?

So beyond the poll…Alex, the girl that has me all vomiting my personal life on here, has consistently texting me and me to her..and both us throwing mixed signals. It’s pretty ridiculous. All I can say is I feel like a 17 year old girl sometimes. I am actually convinced now though that we might actually end up fucking at least, if not slipping back into dating. One can hope, right?

In the mean time I have established a regualr rotation, but it’s not enough or what I want. Carrie, the no limits slut, met me and we fucked in my Jeep in broad daylight beside a store and then another time at the porn barn…that’s tomorrow’s blog post since it was GOOD!  Brenda is an older heavyer lady that is in love with my cock, so we hit each other up cause it’s just walk in and fuck. Tamara is in the mix too, but with her teaching now, she has less hours. There is the Blind Lady, who’s name I cannot remember or she never gave it to me, that fell and broke her leg, so she is out of commission for awhile.

Good news is I finally got a text from this one no limits hottie just a few days ago and we are going to try to meet to fuck again and maybe get some regular stuff going.  Her name is Melissa. She’s cheating on her swinger hubby and that of course makes both of us even more hot.

So vote in the poll everyone.